Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

It's "OK" to be White

It's OK to be WhiteOn Halloween 2017, a group of 4chan users posted fliers all across America saying “It’s Okay To Be White.” This simple statement caused a media storm claiming it to be a White supremacist slogan, exposing the unspoken position of the popular discourse “it’s Not okay to be White.” The meme campaign was quite effective in raising awareness in people to the growing anti-White sentiment across society today. Unfortunately however, it has done nothing to stop or even slow the building snowball of anti-White sentiment and actions being taken.

It was reported recently in The New York Post that White teachers in Minnesota will be first in line for layoffs, regardless of seniority, in accordance with the new deal the state had made with the teachers union. It’s important to be clear about what exactly this is: this is not a restaurant or auto shop telling White people “we don’t serve your kind here,” this is a workers union and a state government actively discriminating against a group of people they exist to represent and protect. Continue Reading

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