It's "OK" to be White

It's OK to be WhiteOn Halloween 2017, a group of 4chan users posted fliers all across America saying “It’s Okay To Be White.” This simple statement caused a media storm claiming it to be a White supremacist slogan, exposing the unspoken position of the popular discourse “it’s Not okay to be White.” The meme campaign was quite effective in raising awareness in people to the growing anti-White sentiment across society today. Unfortunately however, it has done nothing to stop or even slow the building snowball of anti-White sentiment and actions being taken.

It was reported recently in The New York Post that White teachers in Minnesota will be first in line for layoffs, regardless of seniority, in accordance with the new deal the state had made with the teachers union. It’s important to be clear about what exactly this is: this is not a restaurant or auto shop telling White people “we don’t serve your kind here,” this is a workers union and a state government actively discriminating against a group of people they exist to represent and protect.

This problem will continue to get worse unless something is done to stop it. In 2012 Ron Unz published an article in The American Conservative titled: The Myth of American Meritocracy. In his article he showed that Whites and Asians are being actively discriminated against in ivy league college admissions. In 2018 a group called “Students for Fair Admissions” sued Harvard on behalf of Asian students. Noone spoke up for Whites. Whites could only sit with their fingers crossed hoping that the court ruling would level the playing field for them as well. Unfortunately the lawsuit seems to have found itself in an endless loop of appeals. There needs to be a group willing to stand up for White Americans. The anti-White problem is getting worse not better. Time only heals wounds that have been properly cleaned and bandaged.

We can’t allow these wounds to fester any longer. That is what The Anti-White Defamation League was founded to do. We have a two pronged approach to the problems we face: 1. We must raise funds to build a sizable legal team and fund for the purpose of fighting the anti-White injustices in a court of law. We need to be ready to file suit the next time something happens like in Minnesota. 2. We must seek volunteers and motivated individuals to take action on the local level. We will help in the formation and coordination of local level activist organizations to bring people together, and help build community health and cohesion through community projects. These projects will be tailored by local activists to meet the specific needs of their community. I believe that step 2 is the most important for several reasons. First of all, the best way to make people not hate White people is for them to see White people out there doing good things. It’s hard to hate the guys cleaning parks and patching potholes. Secondly, the twenty four hour news cycle has bamboozled people into only paying attention to national politics while the local offices get ignored, allowing mismanagement and in some cases even corruption to seep in. people need to be more connected with their own communities. We see helping local orgs form as an important step on that path. Lastly, our people are losing hope. Suicide is up, drug overdoses are up, in horrifying numbers, and both are affecting White people the most. It’s hard to have hope when you see it everywhere; you go to school to learn that you’re evil, you turn on tv and see that you’re evil, you scroll through facebook to read that you’re evil, etc…etc…

I’m reminded of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises When He said “I will feed the people hope to poison their souls,” which is what many politicians have done to our people for years. They talk a big game on the campaign trail about how they’ll help working class Americans, but it’s always just more of the same. We need to give our people something productive. Something they can do with their hands. Something that when they’ve finished they can turn around and look at how they’ve made the world better today than it was the day before. Not some candidate they can believe in, but something to prove they can believe in themselves. That’s why I personally believe that the formation of local orgs is so important. In conclusion anti-White hatred is getting worse and we’re here to do everything we can to stop it. Will you help us?