Marked For Extinction

The year is 2022, the United States of America is suffering through problems that were once thought unimaginable not even 10 years ago. Record inflation, woefully underreported homeless population, swaths of the country unemployed, record high over dose deaths, unimaginable levels of crime, the dregs of our jails being dumped on the population, wide open border letting in all comers, all coming at a time when our Federal government is funneling billions (with a B) to Ukraine and ramping up an 87,000 armed agent hiring spree at the IRS. This sounds like a bad dream, or a script from a post apocalyptic horror-movie to most TRUE Americans, but many Americans are too afraid or too stupid to realize what’s going on. NONE of this was an accident, so what happened?

What happened is that there is a decades old plan to replace the White population of America (and all White countries) with a much more favored citizenry of sub 100 IQ brown people with no connection to our history, culture or foundational values. People that would be much less likely to raise a fit about having their constitutional rights removed (because they don’t even know what the constitution is), and would be totally comfortable toiling away at an Amazon factory, or a Tyson meat plant for slave wages than us lazy Americans would. This is actually the reason for all the problems mentioned above, these are deliberate attacks to weaken “America”, and therefore weaken White people as a whole. The pundits at Coninc will come on television telling you that these problems are isolated, or at best the result of bad policies form the Democrat party but will never tell you that the real reason society and the country as a whole is in such shambles is because of what happened to the White demographic in this country. Why won’t they talk about these glaring statistical proofs that pile up outlining clearly the deliberate and willful replacement of White people? Are they in on it? I find that to be less likely as many are White themselves, I find the real reason to be absolute cowardice and a fear of being branded a “racist”, which if we lived in a serious country would make them ineligible for a job in politics or journalism where they’re supposed to “speak truth to power”, yet NOBODY in the political world will mention White people by name unless they are demonizing us, and slandering us as genocidal monsters. Not even Trump himself will utter the term “White People”, as he rattles off literally every single minority group in this country lavishing them with praise and boasting about how much he helped them, as he delivers his speech to a sea of White people with visible minorities selectively inserted directly behind him for the cameras. These things are extremely troubling for America as a whole, but the fact we still represent roughly 45% of the American population and NOBODY in US politics will even mention us by name is insidious and is a sure tell sign that the powers that be don’t have any long term plans for us in the country our ancestors bled and died to build for us.

There are those who have influence in the media/academia that is poisoning the US public with anti-White hatred 24/7 is quite obvious. It’s so obvious and in your-face on a daily basis that it really doesn’t serve much purpose to dwell on it all that much. Just start paying attention the names of blue-checkmark’s on Twitter calling for violence against us, or the last names of authors that write articles like “10 ways your child can become more trans-friendly” or things like “All White people are racist” it’s all right in front of you, but no one will say it because it’s extremely dangerous to do so. All of these things that are happening to this country, and all of the vile hatred coming from media/academia is designed to serve one purpose. Weaken Whites to the point that we are left homeless, subjugated, humiliated, displaced, drug-addled, faithless, hunted and weak fighting for basic resources as the powers that be continue to gobble up what’s left and fill their borderless economic zone (America) with their desired citizenry. Now given that these things happening to our once proud country, and the fact that anti-White animus is so prevalent from ALL aspects of society that it would be easy to call it out, and mount an effective political solution right? Well that’s where you’re wrong.

If any other ethnic group of people suffered through the population decimation that Whites have gone through globally the past 100 years it would rightfully be called a genocide. It would be internationally recognized, we would have charities in our names, celebrity concert fundraisers, national remembrance holidays etc. but we have the opposite of that. To even mention these FACTS about White replacement/genocide at best will you get mocked and ridiculed or even laughed at by libtards and cuckservatives alike. The government (that we overwhelmingly fund) calls our speech “terrorism”, and trots out their G-men goon squad to testify to congress that “White-supremacy terrorisms” are the NUMBER ONE threat we face, a laughable lie that actually isn’t that funny. What is the least hilarious part about this is that not a single candidate running for office in the so called “opposition party” (Republicans) will mention this other than saying something like “the dummycrats are trying to divide us, race doesn’t matter” as they bring up a bunch of “BASED-BLACKS tm” with MAGA hats on to prove how not racist they are. This is extremely troubling, not just due to the fact that Uighur Muslims in China get more press on conservative media and have more political representation than White people do in America, but the fact they overwhelmingly believe the radical Marxist lie that “race doesn’t matter, we’re all one race the human race”. A lie so preposterous and silly that it isn’t any logically different than saying “Trans women are women” or that “Men can get pregnant”.

Well unfortunately my generation of Americans are being forced to relearn things our ancestors knew for millennia. Race DOES in fact matter, and apart from your faith and connection to God it might be the only thing that matters. Countries and empires come and go, as do the Constitutions, Magna Cartas and edicts of said empires. Cultures, traditions, heritage and the survival of your people are the only thing that truly matters in this life, for our people will be what remains into the future long past the varying empires we have inhabited through the years. The misconception that advocacy of your own people is somehow tantamount to “hatred” of other races is genocidal lunacy and the very notion of it should be rejected wholesale. I don’t “hate” any other race necessarily, and I have no interest in debating on which races are “supreme”. I simply want to survive, keep my peoples heritage and traditions alive and be able to live in a country where I can safely raise a family, and I firmly believe ALL ethnicities of this world deserve to have those same rights in their respective nations without fear of racial aggression from others. All other races of the world are able to come here, not assimilate, pay little to no taxes, hate White people openly while advocating for their race politically and in fact are encouraged to do so (especially by conservatives). It’s long past the time White people at least understand that we are indeed marked for extinction, and if we can’t at least have the courage to acknowledge this, then we will indeed be among the last generation of Whites to live on this earthly plane. You have the right to stand up for yourselves for God sakes, do not go quietly into that good night.