Taxation And Representation

Geoff Diehl is the Trump backed GOP candidate for governor of Massachusetts. He was confronted recently by a young activist “Will you be speaking out against anti-Whitism as governor?” Diehl responded by claiming to not understand the question. When the activist clarified saying that White people are being victimized on account of our race and that it’s undeniable at this point, Diehl proceeded to talk about everybody, “I think we all agree on equality. That’s uh, equality for everybody.” The young activist finished by asking “Do you care about White people?” to which Diehl replied “This line of questioning is a little inappropriate to be honest with you.” 

Think about what that means for a second. Asking a gubernatorial candidate if he will be representing the founding stock of the country while in office is “inappropriate?” Why? Whats inappropriate about it? No politician shys away from declaring their firm opposition to anti-Semitism, so why is it so hard to speak up against anti-Whitism? Not only will they not speak up for us, they wont even acknowledge our existence, they wont even say the words “White people.” They’ll talk about ways they’re going to help Black people, and Latino people, and how they stand with Israel and against anti-Semitism, but none will speak a word in defense of Whites, and when confronted with the specific hardships Whites face, they shrink back to saying “everybody” but when asked if “everybody” includes Whites; mums the word.

In spite of the fact that the White population has fallen to roughly 60% by some estimates, Whites pay a disproportionately high percentage of federal taxes. More than 70% of tax dollars are taken from the hands of White people. So what we have here is; taxation without representation. White people are being forced at gunpoint to pay taxes to their state, as well as the union of states, both of which absolutely refuse to provide any representation to Whites. They stand up at their podiums and say “We will not represent your interests. We will not address your grievances. We will not protect you in any way from anything. Now give us your money or we will kill you.” This is the exact reason that our founding fathers rose up against the monarchy and fought the revolution. This is tyranny.

We must organize and rally a movement to drive representatives who actually represent us into office before it is too late. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” We must do all that we can to wrestle control of our local governments out of the hands of these grifters and tyrants, or our children and grandchildren will pay the price for our inaction. Pray for peace and do all you can to preserve it…but prepare for war.