The Problem Of Going To College for Whites.

We have been fed many erroneous ideas throughout the course of our nation’s history, but perhaps one of the most destructive of these was the idea that “higher education,” also known as “college” or “university,” is a necessary ritual in “self-improvement.” Language such as “I’m going to make something of myself” has been attached to the college mind-set for a very long time, but it basically implies that we were valueless before, and can only attain value, in our society, by passing through the dubious ritual of “higher education.” The fact that it is known as “higher” also suggests that whatever came before (elementary school, high school, training school) was “lower,” as if to say that it was incomplete and insufficient and needs to be continued only in the most official settings — and within the context of society-approved hierarchies of “education.” There was always a leftist component to this strange ritual known as “college,” and I have only to point to the controversial mandating of “evolution” that took place throughout the university system as far back as the 20’s — which was a real shock to a then-Christian, then-wholesome nation which hadn’t yet been bombarded with the fashionable lies of dictatorial Science. It’s hard to believe, in any case, that our people have been so hypnotized by “college” for so long and displayed very little resistance to its obviously cultic origins and overtones. Young boys, and later young girls, were spirited away from their communities, their families, and slowly indoctrinated into the often grim and soulless intellectualism (PRO) Continued: … of the college environment. I have always said: “As soon as a young man or woman enters that campus, he belongs to the state. College may have been presented as a mere form of ‘education,’ but really it is a ritual in transferring the ‘ownership’ of a child from the parent to the state.” Indeed, through college, a young person learns that the state’s attitudes are more right, more fashionable than his own, and he slowly blends into the State, becomes an agent of the State — however hidden and shadowy this agency may at first seem. The hive-mindedness of college students, of college professors, was every bit as evident 100 years ago as it is today, although it may have been hemmed in by the social mores of the time, which still dictated a Christian fellowship that has all but vanished in our confused and tortured society of 2022. It does seem, looking back, that the institution of college has always been at war against faith, at war against tradition, at war against “Whiteness,” and has been a major contributing factor in moving our society in the direction in which it now exists, a torn and miserable mess of bad ideas that feast on each other with insect-like viciousness. Indeed, college is where the intellect is overfed, over-celebrated, over-featured, almost always to the detriment of all other aspects of the human being, ultimately resulting in the condition that I have named “corpulent intellects.”